Press Release: Historical Book on CNUSD (April 6, 2012)


Monday, April 9, 2012

Media Contact
Bill Newberry
President and Committee Chairman
Corona-Norco Schools Education Foundation

A historical publication of the Corona-Norco School District presented by Corona-Norco Schools Educational Foundation

CORONA, CA – April 9, 2012  The Corona-NorcoSchools Educational Foundation (CNSEF) announced today that it is adding amonumental project to its repertoire of fundraising activities – a publicationthat commemorates the first 125 years of Corona-Norco schools. The book,entitled From One Room… An Amazing Ride throughthe 125-Year History of Corona-Norco Schools, will highlight key events andcapture cornerstones that led up to what we now know as the Corona-NorcoUnified School District (CNUSD). The book is scheduled to be released in 2013.

This new publication willpresent a detailed historical timeline of the school district. The district’shistory begins with the first documented Corona school which opened in March of1888 – one room above a local feed store. The book will offer many uniquefacts, photographs and documents, the untold stories behind educationalmonuments, key historical figures, and unusual events that shaped theCorona-Norco schools over the past 125 years. The CNUSD has evolved into thelargest school district in Riverside County and is currently the eighth largestschool district in the State of California.

Allinterested parties, including current and former students, faculty, staff, andcommunity members are invited to attend a stakeholder meeting on Thursday,April 26th , 5 PM at Corona’s Historic Civic Centerauditorium/theater, (815 W. Sixth Street,Corona), to learn aboutthis ground-breaking project. Everyone is encouraged to make available allhistorical information that can be used to develop an accurate, interesting,and comprehensive publication.

Themeeting, hosted by Corona Mayor Eugene Montanez, along with Bill Newberry,President of the Corona-Norco Schools Educational Foundation, will have severalinteresting pieces of information to share about the project. There willbe ample seating inside the facility which wasoriginally constructed as Corona’s second high school. This campus was inservice for nearly forty years, and many symbols of its roots in Districteducation can still be found on site.

Learnmore about this project by visiting the CNSEF website at

Corona-Norco Schools Educational Foundation (CNSEF) is a non-profitorganization that pools efforts in fundraising and support from theCorona-Norco-Eastvale communities to give back to the Corona-Norco Unified SchoolDistrict in areas where budget cuts have hit hardest. These areas includeinterventions, technology, sports, music, and arts.