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    Summer Classes
    In the winter of 2012, the board members and volunteers created a new branch of the CNSEF family to offer a summer course offering to the community that CNUSD serves (and beyond), called Premier Learning Choices (PLC). These summer courses are open to all school-aged children both who attend and do not attend CNUSD schools. The purpose is to provide teachers with the flexibility of designing their own curriculum with an element of reading and/or writing, while serving a means to supplement their income while offering quality programs to the community. All net proceeds are given back to CNSEF where we donate back to our school district in the form of grants.
    In addition to summer classes, PLC has now expanded to include an online driver's ed course and SAT-prep courses throughout the remainder of the calendar year - just one more way to service the community while generating funding to give back to CNUSD educators. Read more about the PLC story...