• ambassador
    How much work does this entail?
    Not much at all! You will receive periodic emails from CNSEF with updates to share via email with your staff. You may also be approached with questions when new events arise, which may simply require an email to your CNSEF contact person to get the answer so you can share with your staff.
    Are there any other obligations?
    Nope! We are simply looking for a staff member at each school site to assist us with communicating our efforts to ensure our activities are broadcasted to the school - similar to a Union Rep.
    Are there any required meetings?
    There are no required meetings - only attend the CNSEF events of your choosing.
    How can I learn more?
    Simple email Julie Cooley at jcooley@cntaonline.org.

    Thank you for your continued to efforts to assist us with supporting CNUSD!
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