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    Teacher Appreciation
    The Teacher Appreciation Campaign was developed to reinforce the efforts that CNSEF already strives to do - give back to CNUSD educators in the most beneficial way.

    Our campaign began February 2012 whereby CNSEF drew the name of one elementary, one intermediate, and one high school teacher who was announced as that month's lucky recipient. Each of the three monthly recipients received a small gift basket filled with a wide assortment of classroom supplies and goodies as a symbol of our appreciation and dedication to CNUSD educators.
    2011-12 Recipients:
    May 2012
    Elementary School Teacher
    - Elizabeth Hedrick at Cesar Chavez Academy
    Intermediate School Teacher - Elena Diaz at Raney Intermediate
    High School Teacher - Tony Ballard at Corona High
    April 2012
    Elementary School Teacher - Sylvia Ajimine at Riverview Elementary
    Intermediate School Teacher - Dorothy Hardy at Norco Intermediate
    High School Teacher - Anita Arias-Lalama at Norco High

    March 2012
    Elementary School Teacher - Aldo Cordura at Harada Elementary
    Intermediate School Teacher - Laurice Towns at River Heights
    High School Teacher - Lindsey Komperda at Eleanor Roosevelt

    February 2012
    Elementary School Teacher - Kevin Kraye at Temescal Valley
    Intermediate School Teacher - Natalie Ridge at Corona Fundamental
    High School Teacher - Anna Barioni at Santiago

    Campaign Coordinator
    Briana Hurd • brianahurd@yahoo.com