Grant Testimonials: High School

    School: Centennial High School
    Area of Focus: Technology
    Amount Funded: More than $40,000 donated to CHS in area of Technology

    "I would like to first start by personally thanking all ofthose who were able to make the CNUSD grant possible. I teach at Centennial High School and wasable to receive funds to purchase 10 digital microscopes with an LCD screen,and one teacher microscope that could be used to project images through in LCDprojector. Having these scopes allowedmy students to work together and collaborate on the many assignments given.

    Centennial High School is not only a great school to work for,it is also a great school for students to participate in science classes. Our department has a great program, but aswith all programs it is always beneficial to add to the technology we alreadyhave. I was able enhance our program byadding the digital microscopes to our department. 

    The lessons I used the microscopes for had to do withMicrobiology and Human Physiology. Byhaving digital microscopes we were able to use them when learning aboutbacteria and protozoans in addition to all of the other labs completed inBiology. These microscopes were able tonot only benefit my average of 200 students, but were also shared through thescience department so other teachers could use them to benefit theirstudents. 

    The microbiology labs we performed included performingbacteria cultures, making yogurt and examining the bacteria inside, andexamining pond water.  Having thesemicroscopes helped students visually see everything required for each lab. In addition, I used these for many otherlabs. We used them when describing cellsand the difference between plant and animals cells. We used them in a diffusion lab to observethe change of a cell under hypertonic and hypotonic solutions. We used them during the microbiology unit,and we used them during the physiology unit. During human physiology we viewed many samples of tissue, ranging fromnervous, skeletal and muscular. 

    I am happy to be a part of this district and work for adistrict that has the volunteers willing to help out the teachers who try tomake the most of the student’s future. Thank you to all that were able to make it possible to get the funds weneeded to add a little extra technology to our school."

    - Mr. Jason Skaggs, Teacher, Centennial High School


    Corona High School: Corona High School
    Area of Focus: Technology
    Amount Funded: Nearly $10,000

    "Corona High School would like to thank the Corona-Norco Schools Education Foundation (CNSEF) for their generous financial support of our school’s efforts to enhance the teaching and learning through the use of educational technology. Over the past two years, and thanks in part to CNSEF, we have expanded our wireless network, updated computers throughout campus, including several computer labs, and have worked with On-Point Technology to provide wireless tablets, document cameras, handheld responders, and interactive whiteboards to many of our teachers. With a strong technology infrastructure inplace, our focus changed to the training and support needed to fully implement the technology tools to which our students and teacher have access. With the funding support of the CNSEF Grant, Corona High School worked with On-Point Technology to customize a series ofprofessional development seminars focused on technology integration and then provided our teachers the customized training. With this training, our teachers were able to design and provide interactive lessons which utilize all of these technology enhancements, thus providing our students with the essential 21st century skillsnecessary for success in college and the workforce."

    - Mr. Owen Crosby, Principal, Corona High School

    ERHS School: Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    Area of Focus: Intervention
    Amount Funded: Over $12,000
    "For the second year in a row, Eleanor Roosevelt High School offered a nine week intervention program to 200 of our students. 
    Two hundred students participated in this intervention and were identified from two different schoolwide diagnostic assessments that were implemented during the first semester.  The information that was yielded from these assessments, along with the valuable subgroup information that Roger Yoho provided our school, allowed us to strategically target students.  Students who also had a desire to be a part of the program but were not targeted were also able to attend.
    Our teachers taught their students for four hours on Saturday mornings. The students had to arrive a little before eight a.m. and stay all four hours in order to get credit for their time. 
    Students who participated in the program were motivated by the opportunity to improve their skills in mathematics and English, the opportunity to have pizza at the end of the day, and the ability to attend a field trip to Magic Mountain.  The 114 students who had perfect attendance were able to go on the trip.

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School received a $1500 dollar grant to specifically help with sending our students on the Magic Mountain Field Trip. 

    Most if not all kids felt that the ERHS CAHSEE Boot Camp helped improve their chances in receiving a passing score on this important test. The school’s pass rate climbed to an initial 92% pass rate which has climbed over 8% over the last two years of implementing the CAHSEE boot camp. 
    More impressively, the school’s proficiency rate in the mathematics portion has climbed 19%.  Last year, ERHS met all of its AYP targets and the boot camp is considered to have played a big part in helping the school reach its goals.

    We are proud of the results of this program and
    honored that the Corona Norco Ed Foundation selected our school as a grant recipient. Over $12,000 dollars were brought back to the district in average daily attendance funds, our participation rate on the actual test was almost one hundred percent (859 students out of 863), and many of our students and parents were grateful for the individual attention that their students received.

    We are eagerly awaiting the results of our tenth grade students which will arrive sometime in Mid-May.  We are very grateful that the Corona Norco Management Association supported us in supporting our kids.  We believe that this intensive tutoring will have a spillover effect in other academic areas for our students.  It is a great feeling to work in a school district and an administrative team who believe in creating programs that go the extra mile for our kids."
    - Mr. Mark Lenoir, Principal, Eleanor Roosevelt High School

    School: Santiago High Schoollachman
    Area of Focus: Technology
    Amount Funded: Nearly $15,000
    View a special report, outlining the careful details involved with the implementation of this unique, flipped technology classroom.
    - Dr. Branton Lachman, Teacher, Santiago High School   

    School: Centennial High School
    Area of Focus: Technology
    Amount Funded: More than $40,000 donated to Centennial in the area of Technology
    My name is Lila Patel and I teach Honors/MYP Biology at Centennial High School. I would like to thank The Corona-Norco Schools Educational Foundation that allowed me to get a grant which enabled me to purchase much needed technology equipment. I was able to buy carbon dioxide and oxygen gas sensors, pH monitors, temperature probes and blood pressure monitors from Vernier.

    The previous year, my fellow teacher, Teri Osborn, was awarded a grant which enabled us to buy some hand held Lab Quest equipment. By combining both of our resources we were able to carry out many labs that involvedour 9
    th graders and our AP/IB students. At Centennial High School,we have the most number of students enrolled in Biology compared to other High schools in our district. This means that many students were able to share the new equipment and gather relevant data. Because of the budget cuts we would not have been able to buy this equipment ourselves. On behalf of my fellow teachers and students, I would like to say thank you.

    I used the Carbon Dioxide Gas sensors during the Photosynthesis and Respiration unit with my 9th grade students. The students measured the concentration of carbon dioxide, produced by peas, duringcell respiration. They also studied the effect of temperature on cell respiration and determined whether germinating or non-germinating peas respired.

    The AP/IB Juniors and seniors used the blood pressure kitduring their physiology unit and went and taught the freshmen how to carry outthe lab. Using the Lab quest, they were also able to plot numerous graphs as the lab was proceeding.

    I hope that other teachers apply for these grants in the future and I will be reapplying for extra probes since we were sharing with large groups. Once again, a huge thank you, from a very grateful teacher and her students.

    - Ms. Lila Patel, Teacher, Centennial High School 
    Testimonial Submission
    Briana Hurd